Keep over 300 MILLION plastic toothpaste tubes from being made and ending up in ocean or landfills each year. We believe that by making the right choices with our daily routines, we can have a large, lasting impact.

We've partnered with Ocean Generation - an inclusive global movement that exists to restore a healthy relationship between humanity and the Ocean. "We Are The First Generation To Deeply Understand Ocean Issues, and The Last Generation Who Can Stop Them. "

No time to waste. We create oral care with the future in mind.

Nearly all plastic ever produced still exists — with 91% not being recycled. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean (by weight). This makes us sad! Together, small changes in our daily lives can make a huge impact.


KRUSH are also an official partner of CleanHub, a global platform for waste collection, and a movement empowering brands and consumers to help collect plastic before it reaches the ocean. Every Krush purchase helps to support the collect the household waste in more than 50 municipalities across the world. Our contribution, with your help, supports clean environments and creates sustainable jobs.

To date, we've collected an amount equivalent to 10,002 plastic bottles

Sustainably sourced ingredients. Ethical suppliers.

Clean oral care with no preservatives or chemicals.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It’s how we roll.

We’re not animals so we don’t test on them. We’re also fully vegan.