KRUSH Toothpaste Tablets - Whitening & Remineralising

Whiten and Remineralise teeth with our HAp *Hydroxyapatite, daily toothpaste tab. Supercharged with Blue Spirulina for optimal whitening effect.

Krush tabs are clinically proven and outrageously effective for whiter, brighter, glossier smiles.

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More than just a toothpaste, this multi purpose Krush tab, whitens, remineralises, polishes and protects teeth. Boosted with holy-grail oral care ingredient, HAp (Hydroxyapatite) supercharged with Blue Spirulina and with dentist recommend 1450ppm Fluoride.
  • Colour correction technology also means that yellow discolourations are counteracted optically by the intense blue spirulina pigments!
  • Hydroxyapatite works to repair tooth enamel, with ultra cleaning power for whiter teeth. Removing stains from coffee, tea, wine, tobacco...
  • Reduces your daily plastic and water footprint - look good, do good, feel good!

Hydroxyapatite: Hydroxyapatite is the active ingredient in Krush Whitening and Remineralising Toothpaste Tabs, because of its strengthening properties. HAp helps to form a protective layer on the enamel and the root surface,of your teeth in a process called remineralisation, where the hydroxyapatite bonds to the enamel. HAp literally “fills in” the enamel of your teeth with healthy tooth structure, and adds a whitening element not otherwise seen by standard toothpaste. It also helps to reverse cavities and prevent new ones from forming!

Blue Spirulina : Studies have shown that Spirulina in oral care resulted in significant reduction in dental plaque and gingivitis. It also works to reduce inflammation and further helps to remineralise teeth.

Fluoride: Fluoride helps your teeth by strengthening the tooth enamel, making them more resistant to tooth decay. It also kills bacteria which cause cavities & gum disease.

Full list of ingredients : Sorbitol, Calcium, Carbonate, Yeast, Cocamidopropyl, Betain, Acacia Senegal gum, Hydroxapatite, Mentha arvensis leaf oil, Hydrated silica, Spirulina, Maxima extract, Stevioside, Sodium Monoflurophosphate, Magnesium stearate, Mentha viridis leaf oil, Trehalose, Menthol, Mentha piperita oil, Sodium citrate, Limonene

Take one tab, place into your month, bite down and "krush it" for a few seconds until it breaks down.

Take your toothbrush, either dry or slightly wet, and start to brush as normal. Brush for 2 mins, using circular polishing motions. Don't scrub or put too much pressure on the brush.

Repeat twice a day, for your daily dose of whitening and remineralising repair.

Pro-tip: When you're finished, spit out the foam - don't rinse. You want to leave the active ingredients on your teeth to soak in, whiten and restore your enamel - the same way you apply moisturiser to your face!
  • How to Use
    • Take a tab from your tin and put into your mouth

    • Bite down and 'krush' the tab for a few seconds

    • Brush as normal with your toothbrush

    • After 2 mins, spit out the foam, don't rinse

    • Not suitable for children under the age of 7. Use of the product by children 7+ should be adult supervised

  • FAQ

    Why should I switch to toothpaste tablets?
    Our toothpaste tabs are convenient, environmentally-friendly and better for your teeth than plain old paste! Traditional toothpaste has been packed in tubes since 1892 and not much has changed in the last 130 years, until now that is!

    In the UK alone, 300 million toothpaste tubes end up in oceans or landfills every year. That's why we're going tubeless!

  • Shipping & Returns

    Satisfaction guaranteed
    If you're not 100% happy with your product, please reach out so us on email or social media within 30 days and we'll arrange a refund for you.

    We currently ship to UK ONLY.

A few tips


Spit, don't rinse!

Let the active ingredients soak into your teeth enamel and gums after you brush by not rinsing with water. We like to dry brush but if you prefer a little water, slightly wet your brush before you start and that's it. Turn that tap off. Think about brushing your teeth like applying your skin care - you wouldn't wash your face with water immediately after, it's the same for your smile care ;)


Close your tin after use

Always close lid securely our tablets should be kept in an airtight, cool, dry place to keep them fresh. We've added our little eco clay packs for extra moisture protection but always handle the tabs with dry hands. Out tabs are 100% waterless so any moisture could make them softer than normal, however if so don't worry - they're still perfectly fine to use and just as effective.

Oral Care is Self Care.

Empowering you to create a daily oral care routine with sustainable and effective formulas.

We hate to brag, but we do taste as good as we look. The three non negotiable we had when formulating our formula was that it had to look good, feel good and be good, for the environment.

Our vegan toothpaste tabs are packed with all the whitening remineralising and freshening power of traditional toothpaste in a little blue tab. One tablet equals one squeeze, so you can always bring the optimal amount when you’re on the move.

There’s no water fillers, preservatives, SLS or palm oil in our toothpaste, we keep the nasties out! Lastly, we make regular donations to Ocean Generation and Clean Hub to help keep our oceans clean - now that feels good.

Customer Reviews

Based on 169 reviews
Emily Smith
Game changer

I'm always on the lookout for eco-friendly products, and Krush toothpaste tabs are a game-changer. Not only do they reduce plastic waste, but they also leave my teeth feeling clean and refreshed."

Jacob Brown
Love thse toothpaste tabs

As someone who is prone to tooth sensitivity, I was hesitant to try Krush toothpaste tabs. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that they didn't aggravate my sensitivity at all. My teeth feel healthier than ever!

Abigail Johnson
Best toothpaste ever!

Krush toothpaste tabs are perfect for travel! They're mess-free and easy to use on-the-go.

William Davis
Nice foam, and feel really fresh

So we are trying to become plastic free in our household. I believe this is a good switch for the family to make. We’ve had a dentist appointment recently and the dentist said it was a good produc. My teeth feel very clean after using.

Sophia Garcia
So convenient for travel

I got so tired of constantly buying little tubes of toothpaste. These are so much easier and take up a lot less space for travelling.